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   Internet has opened a completely new dimension for all the bridge players out there seeking to sharpen up their game. Nowadays, it does not matter where you live, you will always be able to find a professional willing to play with you and help you become a better player. The question therefore is not how but who. I do not believe that any good player makes a good teacher (or the opposite, for that matter), my lengthy experience both as a top class player and as a well respected teacher has taught me that many strong players find it simply impossible to understand the limitations and the hurdles that prevent their intermediate or advanced pupils from mastering their teachings. This unpleasant situation can often lead to mutual frustration: the pupil feels inadequate for not being able to absorb his teacher’s instructions while the teacher himself starts doubting the pupil’s ability to progress at all and give up on him altogether. My approach to teaching, which also applies to tuition and mentoring players online, is not to overwhelm the pupil with an avalanche of advice, which will only snow him under. Much better to concentrate on a specific point and make the most of it until it is well and truly understood: as the saying goes “Easy does it”. Easy does not mean simple and does not mean superficial. Think of your bridge expertise as a slowly rising pyramid of Lego blocks: the strength and solidity of the structure depends most of all on how well the cornerstones are laid. Same in bridge: there is little point in trying to master the complexities of Precision or 2/1 if one is not sure about what is forcing and not forcing in an everyday auction. Do have a look at some of the educational material in this page and think how much fun it can be to learn bridge the right way!

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