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   When I start chatting to people who do not know me about the many places I have been, some of the names that come out must appear to them rather odd: Venice, Seattle, Bejing, Paris, Bali may well be expected but then come Wiesbaden, Albuquerque, St. Louis which are bit off the beaten path and when we get to Killarney, Salsomaggiore, Lille, Veldhoven then it is quite obvious that they are wondering what I could possibly be doing in these unlikely tourist spots. Well, we know better don’t we? Playing bridge of course!

   Being an international player (first for Israel and now for the USA) since I was… well… younger and having made a living as a bridge professional for quite a few years does mean that one travels a lot and I do not mind that one little bit. Sometimes it all seems like a dream: Come on Migry, wake up girl! Surely you cannot believe that those 52 cards that got you to skip school when you were a sprightly 15 year old are now your passport towards places that you would have never have dreamt you would be visiting! Instead here I am, always looking forward to the next tournament, because I am sure I will be meeting some great people and have a lot of fun doing what I enjoy most: playing good bridge.


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Gold medal in the 2013 Venice Cup

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