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My Bridge Playing Cat

   Welcome to my world, everybody! Let me introduce myself, I am Rikard Greenberg, House-Cat by vocation and Bridge Addict by choice. What do I hear you say? Cats do not play bridge? Tsk, tsk.. you should know better than that: we can do absolutely everything if we put our mind to it. Yes, yes, you might mutter that “Cats are strange animals”.

   Do you happen to know how many times have I heard this ridiculous sentence in the three years I have been on this earth?

   Well, more than you have had hot dinners.

   First of all please qualify "strange" for me: here I am, in the pride of my life, a fully developed 3 year old intelligent and rather attractive (so they say) cat and Anne, my human food-provider (I think the word "owner" is so passe’ don't you?), spends most of her waking hours playing some weird card game with her friends.

   Now that is strange!

   What is even stranger is that simply by listening in here and there I can safely say that I have learnt a lot more about this "bridge" game, as they call it, than she or her friends ever will.

   Yet we are the "strange" animals, go figure.

   Take yesterday for instance. I was doing my usual dance around the table where Anne and her friends were sitting, just to remind the ladies that it would be nice to share those tasty cakes with the resident cat, when I noticed that nobody, I mean nobody, was paying me any attention.

   I am sure you would agree that it is quite insulting to be totally ignored in my own home, so I jumped on the sideboard to see what was all that about and noticed that the all the ladies were completely absorbed in this auction thing that precedes the real fun, when the cards get to be played.

   I try to smirk at Debbie, Anne's partner and my personal favorite because of her nice long nails and the wonderful feeling I get when she pets me, but I get no reaction whatsoever.

   Nothing left for me to do but to look at what they are playing, is there?

   Fancy reading more? Click on the side buttons and enjoy the adventures of my very special feline bridge expert!


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