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It is interesting how so many players I know, have a sort of love-hate relationship with the game: they love playing and feel they can do a lot better than their results show and yet after making a silly mistake they feel like giving up. It is a very common problem and one which is based on a vicious circle: lack of knowledge in the important technical side of the game brings lack of confidence and nervousness, because we are not really sure of what we are doing, as a result we are not thinking in the right direction and do not focus on the really vital issues in each hand getting more and more frustrated when people point to us our mistakes and we immediately recognize them most of them. This is something which has to be addressed in two ways at the same time:

1) Build up technique and 2) Build up confidence.

There are several things one can do alone and for free! Start by browsing this website and click on the "get your bridge on track" button on the top left. That will get you on to a web page full of very useful articles which will help you learn how to think and plan your play both as declarer and as defender. You might even want to spend a few amusing moments perusing the adventures of my gifted bridge playing cat and learn to play bridge with a smile.

Whatever you decide about having playing sessions with me or not, you must understand that you will get a lot more if at the same time you promise yourself to invest some time in consolidating and expanding whatever knowledge you have and those articles are a useful start because I tried to write them exactly with people like you in mind.

As far as getting your bridge back on track, the first decision you need to make is if you are interested in online courses, online playing or both, then drop me a line to migry@migry.com with a few words about your bridge. This is very important because, in my experience, any successful teacher-pupil relationship is one that adds value in both directions and for that reason it is vital to start off with an accurate and honest disclosure of your playing level and what you aim to get in order to let me build a range of achievable objectives for you to review.

    WRITE TO: migry@migry.com

    OR CALL: 646-4579119 (USA) 

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I shall be delighted to answer any queries about upcoming courses and personal tuition as well as online playing and mentoring sessions.
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